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Rayson’s release agents are purely water-based and used in a variety of sectors to improve the efficiency of production operations. They allow products to be smoothly removed while also preventing contamination.

permanent coating

At Rayson Corpindo, a Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) method is used to create an ultra-thin solid state of layer for permanent coating. This coating procedure is superior because it is non-transferable, abrasion resistant, and can withstand high temperatures.

anti-tack agent

Anti-tack agents are compounds that are designed to reduce the self-adhesive quality of rubber items. These materials are applied to rubber goods in order to generate a thin protective anti-tacky coating on the surface of the product.

anti-rust solution

Rusting is the result of an oxidation process that reduces the thickness of iron and steel materials, and it can even leave holes in beams and other structural components and reduce its strength. Anti-rust solutions can prevent unwanted rust and increase structural durability.

industrial cleaner

Industrial cleaners are chemical solutions which are especially formulated to clean oil, dust, dirt, grease, oils and other impurities from metal surfaces. At Rayson, we use water-based cleaners that have been used in many industries over the years.

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Rayson Corpindo is a specialty chemical innovation company that engineers and manufactures chemicals used in products essential for specialized industries. We are the first local chemical manufacturer with international standard quality, with a focus on sustainable production and distribution. Our team’s expertise allows us to customize formulations tailored to the needs of our consumers. By providing the right guidance and management, Rayson can assist your brand to produce better quality products!


Here at Rayson Corpindo, we strive to deliver great services with the help of fantastic people. Find out more about career opportunities, and how you can contribute to this growing industry with Rayson Corpindo!

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