Rayson Corpindo is derived from Indonesian company’s perception and dependency on importing chemical goods. Given the right guidance and management, local brands can produce an equal or even better standard quality products. Rayson itself is operating under supervision of Acmos Chemie KG - a German chemical company with 100+ years of experience - as one of attempts in fulfilling and maintaining international standard quality in terms of product and service which related to chemical goods.

Rayson focuses on sustainability in their production and distribution activities because it is believed that taking into account social and environmental aspects on top of the economical may bring a greater benefit than imagined. As a start, our team's intellectual expertise allows us to customize formulations based on customers' needs in order to create a clear distinction between Rayson and the others. It has been proven that our customized solution brings maximum satisfaction among customers from various types of industries. Therefore, Rayson proudly introduce themself as the first local chemical manufacturers with international standard quality and surely qualified to support your chemical needs.

International Standards & Quality
Customized Formulation for Maximum Satisfaction
Socially & Environmentally Responsible

How We Operate



Analyze preliminary information and determine the most suitable products.


Small-Scale Trial

Rayson will conduct several trials on the finished products from R&D in Stage 1 to ensure that the product is up to par.


Large-Scale Trial

Factories will progress with independent trials to determine the performance of the product before mass production.


After-Sales Service

Rayson team will arrange a regular visit in order to ensure the product is used correctly.