Materials Manufacturing

Materials manufacturing involves handling production equipment including operation and maintenance, assembling machinery parts, and contributing where needed to improve our production line. A few required skills include having previous experience as a production worker, possessing a good understanding of how production equipment works, knowledge on safety rules and precautionary measures, as well as good communication and teamwork skills.

Biopolymer Chemist

This position involves polymer preparation, development and commercialization for industrial and consumer applications. Demonstrated industrial experience in developing polysaccharide polymers and commercialization of new products are some of the requirements for this position.

Industrial Coatings Chemist

A person in this position would be in charge of developing industrial liquid coatings products for the cleaning, painting, and varnishing of different surface types. Other responsibilities include overseeing manufacturing issues (causes, solutions, and prevention), maintaining regulatory information, and quality control.

Senior Research Chemist

Research chemists use their knowledge of chemical engineering for chemical manufacturing. As a senior research chemist, you will conduct experiments and analyze testing of elements and compounds. You will also be responsible for operating, maintaining equipment as well as identifying problems within processes to create innovative solutions for them.

Quality Control Chemist

A chemist in this position possesses primary duties of measuring and testing lab materials and products in order to ensure they meet industry-specific standards. In a manufacturing field such as Rayson Corpindo, a QC chemist is responsible for overseeing all activities and ensuring they are up to practical standards.

Process Chemist Team Lead

The process chemist team lead works closely with production and process engineering disciplines to achieve production objectives. You will be in charge of providing leadership and scientific direction to ensure that our team of chemists performs with maximum creativity and efficiency.

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