Permanent coating can improve the look and quality of a surface, add a protective layer, make a surface more printable, or facilitate adhesion between layers that are adjacent to or subsequent to one another.

Rayson Coating has adopted a Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) method for permanent coatings. This chemical vaporized technique is used to create an ultra-thin solid state of layer for molding operations. This coating provides unique characteristics such as low friction, non-transfer, abrasion and high temperature resistance.

The initial chemical is water-based and is non hazardous. It becomes functional after being cured following strict instructions. Trials using this method have been conducted in several industries and have created optimal benefits due to such cost-efficient chemicals that can bear through such complex production processes.

Permanent coatings are applied on hot-dip galvanized steel strips and other metal substrates. They can offer a wide range of benefits, ranging from anti-fingerprinting, to enhancing, forming, and enabling greater corrosion protection.

Our Coating Applies to 2 Mold Types

Steel Mold

Our permanent coating materials are designed for zinc-coated substrates like steel. Rayson’s coating is exceptionally durable and permanently seals. This provides an impenetrable barrier to protect steel from corrosion. With Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition we can provide extreme chemical and abrasion resistance to extend and protect the life of steel in harsh environments.

Aluminum Mold

Coating will provide aluminum molds a performance edge. At Rayson, we use Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD),which is a low temperature vacuum deposition process (<150 °C) that can deposit coatings and thin films of various materials onto the surface of a part. Our PECVD coating technique uses plasma to convert the aluminum surface into a harder, dense, and more wear-resistance ceramic which will enhance its durability and increase the longevity of its use.

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